KENZ Institute of Higher Education

Seeking a reputed Higher Education institute to embark on your education dreams? In need of financial or sponsorship assistance? Traveler’s Guild is here to help.

Higher Education

Upon graduating from high school, higher education options are often the next logical step for many of our young clients. At Travellers Guild, our experienced and registered agents offer a comprehensive service that aims to guide and advise school-leavers and young graduates on the best path towards achieving their higher education needs, as well as offer career selection support upon completion of their studies.

We can provide guidance in:

  • Education Institute selection – We will help you choose the right institute that fits with your vision and desired education and future career pathway
  • Program selection – With a wide range of subjects and courses to choose from, our agents will help you sort through the options and guide you to the program that is suitable for you.
  • IELTS preparation – We will assign a suitable tutor who will work with you to prepare you for each module in the examination, as well as offer understanding to the technicalities of the program.
  • Fund Sponsorship – Securing the required funds for sponsorship can be daunting, which is why we can offer guidance into securing the funding you need to add weight to your application.
Spread across multiple academic paths and institutions, we are capable of guiding and advising you on the perfect course in the perfect institute. Take a look at the pathways you can explore through the help of Traveler’s Guild:

Foundation Programmes

  • Pre Foundation Programs
  • University Foundation Program –
    • Science
    • Computing/IT
    • Engineering Studies
    • Health Studies
    • Commerce
    • Communications and Creative industries

Undergraduate Programmes

  • Higher Diploma Programs
    • Digital Marketing
    • Business Management
  • Bachelor Programs
    • Commerce
    • Business Management
    • Marketing
    • Computer Science
    • Design
    • ICT
    • Engineering
    • Law/Legal
    • Hospitality and Tourism
  • Bachelor of Science
    • Nursing Studies
    • Biomedical Sciences
    • Cyber Security

Postgraduate Programmes

  • Master of Business Administration (MBA)
  • MSc Programs
    • Marketing
    • Logistics and Supply Chain
    • Project Management